Scaled Tax & Accounting, LLC  was born out of a desire to educate and bring clarity to small business owners who struggle to understand and manage their business finances.

My name is Asiyah. I am a mother, wife, & worshiper of God, who always had a passion to educate and bring ease to everyone around me.

My Story

My interest in taxes arrived after coming across a video on the tax benefits of being a business owner.  I furthered my research into tax law and my passion for taxes grew as a result.

I was amazed at the information I was learning and saddened at the fact that myself and many others whom I know were not aware of the rights and responsibility pertaining to being a taxpayer.

On the journey to understanding taxes, I became an Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service , as well as a Profit & Growth Expert for small business.

I knew I wanted to help bring clarity to other business owners whilst helping them legally save as much in taxes as possible. I empathize with other women who have businesses because I understand the difficulty in trying to balance business and family. I understand and have personally felt "mom guilt".

So, it is my personal mission to help women entrepreneurs be able to have both a successful, thriving business & a loving, thriving family life.

Our values at Scaled Tax & Accounting:

We value Education, Clarity, Empathy Integrity, Professionalism & Family. We strive to bring all of those values when interacting with and servicing everyone we contact.

Our Mission:

To help women in business gain clarity around their business finances so that they can make better and more informed business decisions.

Do everything possible to reduce your taxes and take your time back!

Pay your fair share, and not a penny more while spending more time with your loved ones.

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